Ukraine Tour Draft

Following is the itinerary developed with Diana to visit Lutzk, Kremenets, Shunsk, and Rivne in Ukraine:

Aug 9 - Day 1: Picked up from the airport, we have an afternoon walking tour of Lviv and the active Synagogue and visit other Jewish sites in Lviv. Maybe visit the archives of Lviv, as they may have some information related to Rivne and Ternopil region (Kremenets). 

Aug 10 - Day 2: We leave for Krements via Brody. There are 2 beautiful castles: Olesko and Pidgirtsi. Brody is very rich with Jewish history, the birthplace of Austrian Jewish writer Josef Roth. Brody still has a huge building of the 18th century Synagogue which was much destroyed during the 2nd WW. But the building is still impressing. There is a big Jewish cemetery near Brody. Maybe spend time in Pochayiv with a beautiful Orthodox complex or we just make a photo stop and continue to Kremenets. Stay for an overnight in the area of Kremenets maybe in Pochayiv.

Aug 11 - Day 3: We continue our visit of Kremenets and maybe the monastery, and head to Shumsk for a tour and finally make our way to Rivne. 

Aug 12 - Day 4: We tour Rivne town, then continue to Klevan "Tunnel of Love" and end up in Lutsk. Seeing Lutsk by night.

Aug 13 - Day 5: We visit the archives and spend most of the rest of the day in Lutsk, and then drive back to Lviv.

Aug 14: Early departure from Lviv to Vilnius 

The transportation our by tour guide/interpreter’s car, should be not more than 600 km.