My Ancestor's Occupations

While we are at home waiting for the quarantine to be lifted, I've been taking the time to do some cleanup of my Genealogy information stored in Ancestry.  One of the features that I recently learned about was how to add events to an individual's life-story using images.

Artist::Alex Levin

Above is an image I added to my 2nd Great-Grandfather Shmuel SHNAYDER to show his occupation as a Tailor.  I added the same image to my Grandfather Mike, his father Yashua, his father Shmuel, his father Zelik David all who census records show were tailors.

Likewise, I've added dentist images to my father and maternal Grandfather. I've also added photos to represent merchants, taverns keepers, and retailers. 

Its nice to include some personal touches to my ancestors as I dig for information on their lives and occupations.

I've also added events to show the expansion of railroads across Eastern Europe as it effected my ancestors emigration path to America.

Another important event was Czar Alexander I’s edict of 1804 that required all Jews living in the Pale of Settlement to adopt permanent surnames, before which it is harder to tack down ancestors because of the stricter use of patronymics only.