The premises of the former synagogue in Lutsk, where the sports school operates, were handed over to a religious organization

The premises of the former synagogue in Lutsk have been given to permanent free use for the needs of the religious organization "Jewish Religious Community Ha Ba D-Lubavichi", - the director of the historical and cultural reserve in Lutsk Pavlo Rudetsky told Public.

The corresponding order was signed by the head of the regional state administration. Currently, there is a children's and youth sports school in part of the building, which is being closed. Prior to that, the building was on the balance of the State Historical and Cultural Reserve.

The synagogue is an architectural monument of national importance, located in Lutsk at 33 Danylo Halytskoho Street. the user cannot rent it, ”says Pavlo Rudetsky about the nuances of transferring the synagogue to a religious organization.Today, the synagogue is collapsing.

A large sum of money is needed for the repairs, says Hanna Matusowska, a representative of the religious organization to which the building was handed over. According to her, they do not have such money, so they will ask the diaspora living in Israel, America and Europe.

According to Hanna Matusowska, the religious organization is considering the idea of ​​building a synagogue-museum in this building. A similar one is now available in Prague.

Since 1981, a sports school and a sports club "Dynamo" have been set up in the premises of the former synagogue.

We will remind: in the regional budget for 2021 money for financing of sports school "Young dynamite" didn't provideThere are currently 177 children and a dozen coaches.

Reference: The synagogue in Lutsk was built in the XVII century. According to Volyn local historian Oleksandr Kotys, the remains of the previous building were on the site of the synagogue. What exactly - historians do not know. During the Second World War, the outbuildings and the roof of the prayer hall were completely destroyed.

Michael's Notes from 2018 visit:

The Great Synagogue, formerly known as low castle was built in 1629. It was the religious, educational, and community center of Lutsk Jews until 1942. It’s currently used as a gymnasium, the plaster is falling down on the outside, so caution tape surrounds the building. It is right next to the bridge of the road leading to Lviv and the bridge used to take 17,000 Jews to Polunka where they were exterminated.