Grand Canyon - Day 5 - Sunday 4/25/2021

The Ram’s horn called us to Coffee and OJ. I apologized to Lauren for their selection of camp locations, as I slept extremely well on this barren sandbar. Sleeping next to the river was very calming and our choice of locations made for no blowing sand for us. Breakfast was French-toast, Pork chops, and applesauce and real maple syrup. 

We started with a short float through 2 small rapids and arrived at Blacktail Falls. This involved a short hike to the back of a small canyon where we found a delightful waterfall spilling into a small pool of water with little fish.  We all took turns standing in the waterfall for a refreshing shower and a picture moment. I was able track down a picture of me from one of my traveling partners (Clare McManus).

For lunch we stopped on a pleasant little beach and had Tuna Wraps.

After a dozen rapids including Bedrock, Deubendorff, and Upset Rapids we arrived at another chasm.

The day ended early at Deer Creek Falls and we camped across the street. Deer Creek Falls was a spectacular sight available from throughout the campsite. I setup my cot at the top of a rock-ledge with a direct view of the Falls from a sleeping position.  A large group of brave souls hiked to an overlook high up the canyon wall and back into the chasm above and behind the waterfall. I was told we’d have to walk on a small ledge with a wall on one side and imminent death on the other. As I’m an acrophobic, I choose to watch from below.

Instead, I stayed in camp and chatted with Don and took a relaxing ferry later to explore the Falls from below.

Dinner was the best yet! Rainbow Trout, couscous, and Brussel sprouts were prepared in style. For dessert we had chocolate cake and polished off the last of my Scotch and Bourbon. 

The sound of the falls as I fell asleep reminded me of home. I slept like a baby.