Grand Canyon - Day 7 - Tuesday 4/27/2021

We woke on our last day in the Canyon to partly cloudy skies, a nice break from the raining night that had just passed.

In style we were served Eggs Benedict. As was expected by now the hollandaise was prepared perfectly and the eggs were cooked to order. Since we’d lost the camaraderie from the night before, folks seemed to gather around at breakfast. 

The day went a little different as we no longer needed the dry bags as we prepared to be taken out of the canyon. Who couldn’t resist one last visit to the best seat in town with a wonderful river view, a solid #2 on the 7 days scale of locations, topped only by Deer Falls. [Sorry, I couldn’t resist ... both puns intended.]

After loading the boats, they took some parting shots of the group. 

What a nice group of people. On reflection during the trip and while scanning the group, I’m disappointed by the lack of diversity. Maybe next time.

Our takeout location was 6 miles downstream, as usual I took my position on point. 

We did enjoy a few parting rapids, but arrived at Whitmore Wash more or less dry.

On our arrival we discovered that the next group that would be enjoying our Guide’s expertise and fine fare, were held up by weather. Likewise the helicopters would also be delayed. We took the opportunity to reminisce and share a few left over beers.

After a few hours, I found myself on the 5th ride out. This being my first helicopter ride, I was a bit nervous. It was a wonderful experience. I felt just as safe as in a car even though we were 100’s of feet off the ground.

We ended our journey at the Bar Ten Ranch (GCT) were I picked up some souvenirs and had a long hot shower. We met the group that was headed into the Canyon as we waited on our flight back to Las Vegas.

As they got off the bus, the driver approached Joel and asked him to share some words of advice. Joel! We all snickered and joined in a last sharing opportunity, knowing that Joel of all people was a great pick ... if you are looking for deadpan dry humor.

Thanks to the Guides: Joe, Lauren, Macay, and Dan. Thanks to Willie Holdman our photography mentor. Thanks to Rich for inviting me on this adventurous trip. Thanks to Steph for organizing our group. Thanks to Don and Edwin the other folks from our group. Thanks to Don H. For joining our party. Thanks to my wife, Phyllis for holding down the fort [I owe you.] And finally, thanks to the rest of the 30 participants who joined me in this once in a lifetime opportunity.