Planning my Trip and Welcome Company

Feb 11, 2018
My sister, Carol Rubin said she’d love to join my on my trip to explore Lithuania and Ukraine.

Feb 17, 2018
Carol and I plotted out a tentative plan to fly into Warsaw, attend the IAJGS Conference, then tour Ukraine followed by Lithuania and then fly home from Vilnius. We booked our flights and split up responsibilities for excursions and lodging.

Mar 21, 2018
I discovered the website where you are able to connect with local Tour Guides who can lead you on excursions be they an hour or more, a whole day, or custom multi-day trips.  After interviewing a number of tour guides, reading their reviews, understanding their willingness to travel, and getting some rates; we decided that having a tour guide/interpreter for our entire trip to Ukraine and then to Lithuania would be ideal. We selected Diana Borysenko from Lviv, Ukraine and Marius Galadauskas from Vilnius, Lithuania to help us customize our Heritage Tours.

Apr, 12, 2018
My first cousin, Wendy Brown decided to accept my invitation and is joining us on our Heritage Tour. Wendy and Rachel Fletcher née Gouline are the two prior Geneologists of my family. I inherited all their original legwork done prior to the explosion of available information using the Internet.