Pasvitinys, Lithuania (SNYDER, SHNAYDER)

Pasvitinys, Lithuania



Jewish Population:

1897: 435 (59% of 737 population)

Family Members:

Isaac (Mike) Snyder, Grandfather (father of S. Sidney Snyder)

B 1895 Pasvetin ; M Lena Bass ~1920; Emigrated 1912; D 1955 Baltimore

Occupation: Tailor

Yeshua Snyder, G-GFather (father of Isaac Snyder)

B 1897 Pasvetin; M Maime Snyder ; D 1899 Pasvetin

Shmuel Shnayder, GG-GFather (father of Yashua Snyder)

B ~1845 Pasvitinys; M Tauba Riva Snyder

Occupation: Tailor

Tauba Riva Shnayder, GG-GMother (mother of Yashua Snyder)

B ~1845 Pasvitinys; M Shmuel Snyder

Zelik David Shnayder, GGG-GFather

B ~1825 Pasvitinys

Occupation: Tailor


Pasvitinys was a small town 12 km south of the Latvian border. The nearest railway station was at Joniskis. In 1902, the entire village was burned. Just before World War I, 120 Jewish families lived there, but before the Holocaust only 25 families remained as small merchants in the Wednesday weekly market and as peddlars and craftsmen the biennial fair. The public baths and flour mill were owned by Jews. During Lithuanian Independence, the few remaining Jewish petty merchants survived because of assistance from relations in South Africa while many emigrated to South Africa also. Most who remained were older and persons from surrounding villages.


  • Jewish Cemetery
  • Old Windmill