Aug 18 - Nida

We've just about wrapped up our Genealogy / Jewish Heritage / Roots tour through Poland, Ukraine and Lithuania.  If you've missed some of our posts, here is a link to an index of our posts:

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Yesterday we drove to Klaipeda on the Baltic Sea.

We took a ferry across the lagoon to the Curonian Spit. We drove down to Nida a converted Fishing Village that serves as the center of recreational activities.

We started by spending a few hours on the beach looking off towards Sweden, picking up rocks, taking in the sun, and going for a swim in the Baltic.

Then we took a Tuk-Tuk to the heart of Nida. Whee we walked around a bit and soaked up some of the little "german village".

We then took a one-hour boat ride to see the dunes, taunt the Russian Border Control boat and just enjoy the sea air.

Russian Border Patrol (Hi Vlad!)

I see Russia ...

This was a nice distraction from our emotionally jam-packed heritage tour.