Brody: The Jewish Cemetery

Entering the gates and looking down rows of tightly packed headstones was a sight to behold. 

There were 120 rows with anywhere from 40-90 headstones. 

The caretaker said there are approximately 12,000 graves. This cemetery has been under restoration since 1994. Understandable since Brody was at one time 75% Jewish. The graves show about 150 years of life and death. 

Just outside the cemetery, in the woods is a memorial that has inscribed “In memory of the holy martyrs-Jews that we’re ruthlessly killed by the Nazi murderers.”

15,000 murdered in the woods surrounding the cemetery. In only two years the Nazis took the same number of lives there as those buried in that cemetery over a 150 year period!  I broke down and wept. 

There are no remaining Jews in Brody.