Heading to Warsaw Poland this Afternoon

Heading to Warsaw, Poland

I can't believe its finally time to leave for Eastern Europe. Today, Aug 4th, Carol and I leave for Warsaw, Poland!  Our Air France flight departs at 6:15pm from Dulles Airport with a connection in Paris with a 2 hour layover. We should be arriving at Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport at 11:50am, Central Europe Time (GMT+2) ... that's 6 hours ahead of Rockville/Derwood. Phyllis should be up with the dogs at 5:50am.

I tried to pick light for 18 days of travel. But, I'm expecting heat, cool nights, rain, and mosquitos ...

I'll compress stuff after I get back from Torah Study.

Warsaw, Poland

Jewish Population:

1900:  219,000 (29% of 756,426 population)

Family Members:



Before World War II, Warsaw was one of the most diverse cities in the Second Polish Republic. The majority of Polish Jews lived in the merchant districts of Muranów, Powązki, and Stara Praga, while most ethnic Germans lived in Śródmieście. Over 90% of Catholics lived further away from the bustling commercial and vital centre of the capital. The Jewish community was the most prominent there, constituting over 88% of the inhabitants of Muranów; with the total of about 32.7% of the population of the left-bank and 14.9% of the right-bank Warsaw, or 332,938 people in total according to 1931 census. Many Jews left the city during the depression, which was more severe and longer-lasting in Poland than elsewhere in Europe. In 1938 the Jewish population of the Polish capital was estimated at 270,000 people.