Peisakh Bashes of Pakruojis is my 3rd Great Grandfather

Just extended my Grandma Lena's family back an additional 3 generations to about 1750. (Yes, multiple sources) Thanks to finding her Grandfather's headstone. I knew of these people, but now I know they are mine.

Found in Pakruojis, Lithuania records:

  • 3rd-Great Grandfather:  Peisakh Bashes 1813 - 22 May 1887
  • 3rd-Great Grandmother:  Tsipa Bashes 1813 - 1 Feb 1882
  • 4th-Great Grandfather:  Abram Bashes b 1773
  • 4th-Great Grandmother:  Enta Bashes b 1776 
  • 5th-Great Grandfather: Peisakh Bashes b ~1750