Introduction to Jewish Genealogy at Temple Beth Ami for Live & Learn

Suzanne Fialkoff a friend, temple member, and co-genealogy junkie who has been doing research for 30 years, and I were invited to present a three week class as an Introduction to Jewish Genealogy, Tuesday 6/2, 6/9, and 6/16/2020 for the Live & Learn series of classes at our synagogue, Temple Beth Ami.

The class was extremely well received with well over 40 participants each week. It was truly a mitzvah to me able to encourage our temple members to consider exploring their Jewish roots. Based on feedback, I know of a few folks who were inspired to get started or renew where they'd left off.
We did not record the sessions for privacy reasons, but following are the handouts and responses to chat questions:


Highlights of the class includes a few of mine and Sue's Genealogy Stories; and a look into how to collect, research, and organize information in online and personal collections.  On the last day I did a walk through of Jewish Migration and a too deep dive into DNA analysis using recent research I've been working on.  I've been trying to find the connection between myself and Ellen Davis, a fellow congregant. We believe we are 3rd-5th cousins (38cM) with shared DNA from two relationships through both of our parents, a great example of Jewish Endogamy. I'll share more about this in a future post.

As a Bonus, on the Tuesday June 23rd, I agreed to an encore presentation of my "Clay in my Boots: A Romp Through My Genealogical Past" 2018 tour of Eastern Europe using slides I'd originally prepared for the Jewish Genealogy Society of Central Maryland.  I did update the slides and discussed some of my new findings.

I did record this presentation which is available on YouTube at: