As the War rages on, people of Ukraine need help with the little things

Direct Help to Ukrainian Individuals and Families

When I visited Ukraine in 2018, one of my best resources was the secretary (Victoria Chymshyt) of the local Synagogue in Rivno. Gratefully, she and her son have escaped to Warsaw. She continues to stay connected and help out her congregational friends and families both inside Ukraine and refuges outside, like herself. I reached out to her to find out how we could help her community directly. She and the head of her community responded with 2 projects:
One of the biggest challenges is staying connected to family and friends and using their other cell phone apps. Believe it or not, communication and other services available on cell phones can be more important to them than food. "We will choose the numbers of those who need it the most. That would be great help.", Vik.

One of the congregants is autistic. She lives by her own and is still in Rinvo. Sadly she has been neglected by her relative. She needs basic things: personal healthcare, feminine hygiene and other basic products and supplies. As a community, we cannot judge her family members, but can help her to go shopping and check what else she might need. Community members can help with shopping but financial support can help her directly.
Vik and the head of their community will continue to look for those in their community who are in most need and let me know how they plan to support these individuals.
Rivno is one of the ancestral homes of my family.  Personally, I have been sending money monthly to help those in Vik’s community. If anyone else is interested in helping these Jewish families help pay their cell phone bills and get basic needs met, please PM me and I will send you contact information. 
Vik has been sending me reports as she spends the money. This is not necessary as I trust her judgement completely.

Thanks in advance for your truly personal assistance to the people of Ukraine!