Last day in Ukraine

Remember Diana, the guide who rocks? Well she got us into the Jewish Community Center, and helped make some contacts for Michael’s continuing research. 

They were preparing for Rosh Hashana. Imagine. In Ukraine 🇺🇦. So off to the Archives for about 3 hours of research (mostly filling out forms and waiting). We had to leave for their lunch break and go back at 2 since they were closing early!! Maybe they’ll find something in the final request. Not hopeful, but at least Michael has Ida and Sergei who don’t speak English. 

Quick stop at the massacre site behind the sugar factory (prior post), and back for our last     dinner in Lviv. What a meal!!

Herring app. 

Beetroot salad app. 

Michael had gefilte fish for dinner. 

Diana and each had veal with fois gras. 

We said our goodbyes to Diana, and off to get some sleep before our 6:30 am flight to Lviv!!