Paneriu execution site of Vilnius Jews

From 1941 to 43 - 70,000 jews were marched in waves, only sick and very old were taken in trucks, 18km out of the Vilnius Ghetto to a soviet petrol site, Paneriu for execution. 

Remains were burned and crushed up to 10,000 bodies per pit. 11 documented pits have been memorialized.

When I planned this Genealogy Tour, I was going to focus just on family and life prior to 1911 when the last of my Grandparents emigrated to America. Then when I started researching sites to visit, so many past sites where tied to the events of the Holocaust. 

Then I found documentation of cousins, friends, and communities that stayed behind. They were all swept up by the Nazi horror that was WWII.

I now find it so, so very important to visit the death camps, death sites, and confinement Ghettos ... so as to pay my respects, honor their lives, and share with you all.

As you’ve read, Carol and I are finding it hard ... but so important.