Arrived in Lviv

Glad we have Diana to guide us. First stop- ice cream!

And on to the only active synagogue in Lviv where there were once  more than 40!

We met two of the rabbi’s children, but only pictures of the synagogue. 

Then to another that is serving as a community center, but not the sanctuary as you’ll see. 

Much of the Jewish areas are in ruins with remnants of identity. 

Look closely, and you’ll see that antisemitism is still evident. 

The saddest is that the Jewish cemetery was destroyed and the Soviets restored it as an outdoor market. It still operates that way. I couldn’t take any pictures😢

Until we got to the Jewish hospital, still in use as a public hospital. 

On to the Medieval section of town. The Market Square ( still no comparison to Krakow).

And a stroll through the Jewish Quarter. If you look carefully, you can see where the mezuzah once protected the doorway. 

And just at the city wall we came to the remnants of another synagogue called Di Goldene Royz. This is an original picture from the menu at dinner and what now stands. 

But the memorial is uplifting. 

As is the memorial to those lost in the Lviv ghetto. 

And finally dinner. We got to bargain for payment!  It was fun. 

Hummus- 6 varieties for the table, Michael had beef rib, Diana and I both had kofta, a plate of roasted veggies and beers (including Michael’s Obama Hope beer) for a total of about $30 including tip. But I had to throw in a hug and my Trader Joe apricot and almond snack. Diana says we still paid too much!!

підбадьорює (cheers)