Checking out the Ghetto

After using my food coma as an opportunity to blog, before dinner Michael and I wandered around the area that was formerly the Warsaw Ghetto. We started with a map posted at what was the entrance to a factory just outside the border. 

The streets are well marked with the location of the walls. 

Earlier, we had checked out a remaining piece of the wall with bullet markings from the uprising and some of the mass executions. 

The Nazis all but leveled Warsaw, paying particular attention to the Jewish areas. All of the remaining Jewish buildings are now protected, but sadly there are few. 

The following pictures show the bridge between the large and small Ghettos from the POLIN Museum and the memorial in the same location today. 

I tried to get a panorama shot so check out the double towers on each side of the street.

My overall impression is that many Poles have come to appreciate all that the Jewish people contributed to their past. Too bad antisemetism is still so rampant, particularly with the nationalist movements. 

And I forgot to mention in my food tour post that Tomas asked his grandfather about the Jews when he was a child before the war. He said that in school the boys were always the smartest, and the girls were always the prettiest. And they were all very nice.