We’re always happier when we’re eating

Tuesday morning food tour!!  OMG, what could be better. Tomas picked us up in our luxury ride- a communist era vintage minivan. No AC. Three forward gears. No power steering. It set the tone for a great time. And it was just the three of us. 

I’m the photographer. Duh!

First stop for breakfast at Hala Mirowskie, the market. 

Farmers cheese, ser korcinski with czarnuszka ( a cheese with herbs), and soured milk (somewhere between yogurt and cottage cheese). And some sour dough soda to drink! It tasted like “near beer.”

On to the pickle stand for two kinds of pickles and sour kraut.

Rye with horseradish bread. 

Smoked ham, kielbasa and blood sausages with kasha. 

And that was just the first stop. 

Brunch. On to Kamerlina. A restaurant out of the 50’s. 

for compote to drink (thin fruit juice with cranberries and apples) and two soups. The cabbage soup had ham potatoes and herbs. The sour rye soup had boiled white sausage, boiled egg, marjoram and way too much salt! Couldn’t hold off on the drink!!

And then there was lunch. We stopped at this cute bar in Praga for a thick borscht with lots of veggies and cream. And boiled potato balls topped with field mushrooms and kasha. They are famous for serving everything in jars. 

All topped of with shots of 55% alkahole-as spelled in Polish (110 proof vodka). 

Notice the take out bag. Yes, we had leftovers that I gobbled up the next day for lunch in the apartment while Michael ate Hilton chicken at the conference. 

We decided to walk off some of the food before dessert with a tour of the University Library, an awesome Green building designed by Tomas’ architecture professor. 

We stopped for jelly donuts at a bakery in the Jewish area of Warsaw, but took the donuts home and ate them as a late night snack. 

Yes, we went to dinner that evening with the Volhynin group in Michael’s genealogy conference. We each had soup and split the duck!!