Aug 16 - Linkuva and Vashki

Linkova is much smaller than Birza, but larger then Pasvatinys.

It has less horses and although the Synagogue is still standing but it’s in bad shape.

We found a number of Jewish buildings surrounding the square, and around town.

The cemetery is about 2km out of town. It is surround by a wall, but it is extremely overgrown and many of the grave sights are terribly disturbed. The ground is very uneven, but we still managed to get pictures of many of the readable headstones and leave some tsror/stones. With out being able to read Hebrew well, or even to make out many of the headstones, we couldn’t locate any of our Shenker or Kriger ancestors.

We also paid our respects at the Vashki Shtetl Cemetery as these two towns are neighbors and my research shows family documents intertwined. This cemetery was mush easier to locate right of the main “highway”.