Aug 16 - Pasvatinys (Yay! Finally Snyder’s)

Pasvatiny is where my Grandfather lived until 1912 when at 17 he emigrated to the US with his Mom and four siblings.

Pasvatinys is a 3 horse town that burned to the ground in 1902. Wild fires were common in this part of Lithuania.

We found a number of Jewish-style buildings in the center of town.

We spoke to a man who said his house was built in 1922 and the construction was solid. He didn’t know of any Snyder’s in Pasvatiny.

We visited the old Windmill which was used as a jail in Soviet times.

The cemetery was in better shape then many we’d seen, but eerily all the headstones are leaning in the same direction as if a great wind storm came through.

I took pictures of “readable” headstones to load on find-a-grave and JOBR. I also left tsror/stones on select graves and collected stones from Pasvatiny to leave with my Dad and Grandfather in Baltimore. 

Who knew my Dad’s family and Mom’s family lived 12km apart ... in the same County.