Aug 17 - Welcome to Sniuraicai “place where Snyder’s walk”

I walked 5 Kilometers today (I’m switching to Kilometers, it sounds like more). I headed off to Sniuraicai “place where Snyder’s walk”, a working class town across the highway.

I left Rimuoses Dvaras Hotel, literally translated as “Hotel with Chinese Take-out Box in Front”, and headed down the access road. 

Fortunately, there’s an pedestrian tunnel under the highway. I passed the leaving Sniuraicai, conveniently it says leaving on the other side, too.

I passed some cute little houses owned by farmers and truckers. Up the one long road that heads east. 

Along the way I enjoyed the entry gate competition, I suspect the kids ignore the witch house.

I was greeted by local residents as I walked down the other 1/2 a road. 

As I exited town, the mayor told me go away and don’t come back (bark-bark, bark-bark-bark). At least that’s what it sounded like to me.

As I left town, I got caught-up in rush hour. 

I then proceeded back to “Hotel with Chinese Take-out Box in Front”,  for coffee  while waiting for Carol and Marius to awaken.