Birzai: childhood home of my grandfather Charles

We started our drive to Birzai with an introduction into some of Lithuania’s natural wonders. In an area known for its sink holes, we appreciated seeing some natural pits, unlike all of the mass graves we are visiting to pay our respects. 

Time for lunch/dinner. We mostly eat a large meal around 3 or 4. Marius introduced us to a great brewery. 

The apps alone were enough. 

I hope Customs doesn’t check for the hard homemade cheese in my bag!! And alas, our eyes are larger than our stomachs (but they’ll stretch)!!

You’d think we were still on our food tour in Warsaw.  Off to check out some sites. 

Not much left except a few Jewish buildings. 

So off in search of the cemetery. We kind of have a rhythm going- Jewish buildings, cemeteries and massacre sites. 

Abraham (Yiddish on the other side) was one of the lucky ones. He died in 1939.

This time 30 Jews were executed right in the cemetery. How ironic and sad!! 

We paid our respects to the other 2,400 Birzai Jews, likely including some family at a site in the woods on the outskirts of town. 

We also visited with some of the locals.