I can’t believe Michael went up!!

On the way to Pasvalys and Linkuva we stopped at an observation tower! I heard Michael from the top say that he wouldn’t get near the edge. You’ll notice he’s holding on for dear life. 


Linkuva was more interesting as far as buildings. The Great Synagogue that once looked like this

is now used for storage. You can it was built in  5650, or 1890. 

A local woman asked our guide if we were Jewish. She knew we were not local. She said it was a shame for the town that there were no Jews to take care of the synagogue, as it was once a beautiful building going to ruin. That about sums it up for me!!!  I’ll discuss in my final thoughts about this venture. 

I did love that there was actually a group of Jewish homes along a street. I finally got a sense of place and the beauty of our architecture. 

And in search of the cemetery. This was a challenge. We had to drive in a few circles and through a small