Getting acquainted with Vilnius

Our Lithuanian guide, Marius picked us up from the airport and we started with Vilnius- getting to know your non-Jewish sites. Tomorrow is for the Jewish heritage part. 

Starting with the upper Old Town streets. 

and through the City gate 

He pointed out the Kirkliai Tower, the Symbol of Vilnius. 

We “climbed” the University bell tower 

For some goodpanoramic views


We saw some great street art

On the way to two very special churches. The first had a gorgeous brick exterior. 

The inside has walls covered in frescoes that the Soviets had painted over to use the church as an art museum. It’s under restoration. 

The other wasn’t much from the outside, but the inside was all monochromatic sculpture by Italian artists. I do believe this is the most beautiful Catholic Church I have ever seen!!

Marius left us for the evening on our own. We just sat with our beers and watched people, got drenched in a downpour, and took cover in a restaurant for another delicious meal.